Fix your oral health as soon as possible

Guys, I need to tell this story to you. Here in the United States, dental care is very expensive, so a lot of people end up leaving this aside so they do not spend. However, our smile is literally our business card and we may end up missing many opportunities if we do not have good oral health.

That’s what happened to a girl who came to a receptionist job interview here at my agency. She was very communicative and intelligent, but unfortunately her teeth were very poorly cared for, and when you go to work directly with the public service, this can be a serious problem.

I talked to her and pointed to a dental office where she could go to try to fix the situation, and she went to Minty Dental Studio, which is the clinic of a friend of mine, and did all the necessary and urgent procedures so that she did not lose the job vacancy.With a cleaning and some fillings, her problem was quickly solved and with the accompaniment of a professional qualified in dentistry, she began to take more care with her oral health and was able to continue participating in the selection process for the job vacancy.As she was very good, we hired her and she was very grateful for the opportunity. She told me that this chance we gave and the treatment she received at Minty Dental Studio made all the difference so she could pay more attention to this oral health issue not only to get the job, but to her life.So if you identify yourself in any way with this situation, fix your oral health so you do not have to run all the time when a job opportunity comes along so you do not miss this chance.